TOP 10 most loyal animals in the wild

Everyone knows that dogs are the most loyal animals. Cats are a little behind them – it is believed that they are loyal as long as they are fed and loved. But what about the wild world? What animals can you learn from loyalty? So, the most devoted animals in the wild world.

10. Penguin

Birds living in extreme cold conditions are able to keep their hearts warm for a long time. These animals are looking for a married couple for life, and even if one of them dies, the penguin is extremely rarely engaged in finding a new partner. These birds incubate eggs one by one, and in the same way get food. They have no division into duties according to the type of “male” and “female”, penguins are equal animals.

9. White swan

For many, these birds are a symbol of love and fidelity. By creating a married couple, swans spend the rest of their lives alone if the partner dies. It is not uncommon for one bird from a pair to suddenly die because of grief for the other. White swans take care of each other and protect the family, sometimes they even attack people.

8. Gibbon

Great apes with long forelimbs have a very strong sense of devotion. They can live alone for a long time before they can find a soul mate. It is interesting that it is precisely because of this that the gibbon population is low – in captivity, in the same zoos, they may not reproduce at all, because they simply do not like each other. Pairs are formed for many years. These monkeys take care of babies together, because they are equal animals.

7. Fox

Fluffy predators also prefer to live in pairs for many years, or even better, all their lives. Steppe foxes are especially loyal. Males always look after their partner (including when she is pregnant), dig themselves, warm their holes, and even catch fleas from her fur! It seems that there can be no greater trust. With the appearance of the young, the parents together begin to raise them. Thus, foxes form a strong family. Little foxes stay with their parents until they grow up and find their mate. After they leave, the life of the partners does not change much – they have children again.

6. Beaver

These mammals live up to 15 years, while they choose a mate for themselves only once in their life. Rodents are very social, they live in groups in the so-called huts, which independently build and protect from enemies. It is interesting that matriarchy reigns among beavers. Strong bonds can be justified by the fact that the female is the main one in the pair, but the male also has many of his duties – to dig passages, to get food.

5. Albatross

A huge seabird chooses a mate for life. Finding a partner can be very long, because albatrosses are freedom-loving. They do not immediately want to start a family and children, so some birds remain lonely. Although, given the lifespan of the albatross (about 40 years), it is impossible to remain without the attention of the female. By the way! There is an opinion that the main secret of the strongest relationship of the albatross is the long business trips of the husband and the stupid, but full of love ritual dances of the wife.

4. Wolf

This predator is considered by many to be the most loyal animal in the world. Surprisingly, if another wolf attacks the male, the female covers her lover’s neck with herself, because the enemy will not allow himself to attack the she-wolf. These formidable animals are loners at heart. They cannot find a partner for a long time, move in a pack and do not interfere with the life of another group of wolves. Finding a female is a responsible task, because competitors are often seen on the horizon.

The male often licks and protects the puppies that have appeared, and while the female is moving away from childbirth, he feeds her. It is the dad who teaches the kids to hunt, the parents guard the offspring together. Wolves mate for life. If one of the partners dies, the survivor chooses the path of loneliness.

3. Lovebird

Little parrots are among the three most loyal animals. They give love to their partner for life. Lovebirds try to find a mate for themselves during the first two months of life. It is interesting that if the birds are separated, then they can die of boredom.

2. Barn owl

Another very loyal bird. Males have been courting their partner for about a year. It is they who begin the construction of the house, decorate it, and then invite the second halves to become the mistress of the new nest. If the barn owl accepts the courtship of the male, the couple will soon acquire offspring. It is interesting that it is the male that takes full responsibility for the family, provides it with food and protection from other predators.

1. Seahorse

Surprisingly, the seahorse ranks first among all other contenders for the title of “most loyal animal.” It’s not because they, too, choose a mate for life. Skates live only 5 years, but all this time they spend flirting with each other, clinging to their tails … By the way, it is males who bear offspring, not females. The couple is a little irresponsible towards the babies born, because they do not take part in their development. The daddy-horse after a while “becomes pregnant” again, produces offspring and, of course, all of it is only from one female.

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