TOP 10 most expensive cat breeds in the world

For many people, cats are the most beloved animals in the world. The characteristics of the breed and the character of the pet itself are what makes some people spend unrealistic amounts on the purchase and maintenance of a tailed friend. The price depends on the sex of the kitten, compliance with the breed standard, the presence of titled ancestors, the reputation of the breeding club. Some of the world’s most expensive cats are worth a fortune!

10. Serengeti

This breed is not very popular – few people know about it. It was bred by Californian breeders in 1994. The parents of the first serengeti are Bengal and Oriental cats. It is interesting that the name of the breed comes from the habitat of the serval – the reserve of the same name in Tanzania. Kittens are born strong, playful. Despite the fact that adult cats weigh 8-12 kilograms, they are distinguished by their mobility and grace. The serengeti has large ears, long legs and specks on the coat. The cost of a kitten ranges from $ 600-2000.

9. Elf

Representatives of this expensive cat breed were bred in the States through the mixing of the American Curl and the Canadian Sphynx. Kittens are distinguished by their friendliness, intelligence, sociability and loyalty. Due to the lack of wool, they must be protected from hot batteries and the scorching sun, penetrating drafts and cold water. The future owners of elves will have to part with a rather large sum – about 2 thousand dollars.

8. American Curl

This breed can be recognized by its unusual ears, which are rolled back and resemble small horns. Curls began to be bred in California; they became famous for their curiosity, intelligence, friendliness and playfulness. Interestingly, kittens of this breed are born with straight ears, which curl up on days 2-10 of life. Incredible dedication, grace and intelligence – all this costs 1-3 thousand dollars.

7. Toyger

The prerequisite for the development of this breed was the creation of a cat that would resemble a miniature tiger. I must admit that the breeders did it very well. Judy Sugden crossed a striped house cat with a Bengal, and later added another. All in order to preserve the wild tiger population.

Toyger is distinguished by gullibility and playfulness, intelligence, friendliness. The breed is not for busy people – a young kitten (which costs $ 500-3000) needs a lot of care and entertainment. Toygers have soft, short and very thick fur, in color it is very similar to tiger fur. This breed has been gaining popularity lately!

6. Bengal cat

Bengals are often called “leopards” and are confused with the Belgians because of the consonant name. They were bred in the States by mixing a domestic cat with a wild leopard. As a result, an animal was born with a luxurious predatory color and a huge amount of energy. The weight of an adult cat ranges from 5-7 kg. Cats of this breed love companionship, need frequent human companionship. Wild roots do not interfere with the soft nature at all – the breed is distinguished by its tenderness and sensitivity. Bengal cats also like to take water treatments and sit on the shoulder of a person. The price for such a purring pleasure is 1-4 thousand dollars.

5. Safari

This rare hybrid came about after breeding South American Joffroy with common domestic cats. The first kittens were born in the States with the aim of studying such a disease as blood cancer. Adult cats weigh about 11 kilograms; they have a stunning wild joffroy color and the most delicate temperament from the most popular pet. Safaris look predatory, but they are kind and level-headed, incredible intellectuals with a huge charge of energy. It is believed that kittens of this breed are the most loving of all existing hybrids. By the way, for a baby safari you will need to pay from 4 to 8 thousand dollars.

4. Kao-mani

The breed is originally from Thailand, its name can be translated as “white diamond”. Snow-white fur and multi-colored eyes are the main feature of kao-mani cats. It is interesting that the skin of kittens of this breed is very sensitive to the sun, therefore it needs special protection. Thai white diamonds are prone to hearing loss and complete deafness. They are slim, elegant and muscular. For a kitten with a pedigree, you will need to pay from 7 to 10 thousand dollars.

3. Chausie

This little one, which is the result of mixing between a jungle cat and an ordinary domestic cat, entered the top three leaders of the most expensive cats in the world. It was bred in the States, although the first cases of “breeding” were recorded in Ancient Egypt. Chausie – shorthaired, do not like to be alone. Their height reaches 40 centimeters, and their weight is 7-15 kilograms. They look like Abyssinians – smart, dexterous and curious pets. The breed is prone to fleeing, and this is very offensive, because the price of a kitten of the highest class ranges from 8-10 thousand dollars.

2. Savannah

According to some sources, the Savannah is considered the most expensive cat breed in the world. This is a hybrid breed resulting from crossing a domestic cat with a wild serval. Savannah is tall, slender, with a slightly triangular head, not too large in comparison with the rest of the body, with high set, slightly rounded ears. The markings on the coat are clear, full, oval, round or oblong. The prices for kittens of this breed differ significantly: depending on the parents, you will have to pay from 4 to 22 thousand dollars.

1. Ushera

The most expensive cat in the world belongs to the Ashera breed. She was bred in 2006 and named after the goddess Astarte by a biotech company called Lifestyle Pets. Its length reaches 120-150 centimeters, and its weight is 12-15 kilograms. The breed is distinguished by thick short fur from light yellow to golden color with dark blotches.

It was believed that the genes of three other breeds were taken as the basis for the practically hypoallergenic breed: the African serval, the Asian leopard and the common domestic cat. After a while, a DNA test proved that the record holder is a close relative of the shroud. However, the average price for a kitten ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 24,000. For this money, you can buy a great car!

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