Top 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world

The dog has long been considered a friend and companion of man. She has served people faithfully from the earliest times. The dog is a great pet. She is smart, sociable, friendly to both adults and children. But in the absence of proper education and under some circumstances, the animal is capable of showing aggression, causing significant harm and even traumatizing.

There are 10 most dangerous dog breeds in the world that you should be especially careful with. Before you have a pet of this breed, you need to think carefully about everything, weigh the pros and cons. If the owner cannot devote enough time and attention to working with the dog and its proper education, the most unpleasant consequences may arise.

10. Siberian husky

Siberian Husky

This breed was developed in Russia. The animal is large and strong enough. Growth at the withers from 50 to 60 cm. Weighs from 15 to 28 kg. Huskies were originally called “eski”. This is an abbreviated name from the Eskimo people, originally from the Far East. Huskies are bred as sled dogs, they are distinguished by a peaceful disposition and a cheerful lively character.

If the dog is raised correctly, it will not cause much trouble and is practically incapable of causing harm. Husky is a wonderful friend and will get along well with all family members, even the smallest ones. But you need to understand that since the dog was originally bred as a sled dog, it will need a lot of physical activity. If you keep her in an apartment, then you will need to walk and play with the husky for a long time. The dog is not aggressive by nature, but with a lack of attention, education and care, it can cause trouble.

9. Great Dane

Great Dane

The breed was bred in Spain as a shepherd or guard dog. The height at the withers reaches from 56 to 68 cm, and the weight from 45 to 60 kg. The animal is distinguished by its large constitution, from its appearance it blows with great strength and power. But, despite the threatening appearance, the Great Dane does not have a particularly aggressive character.

The dog is a calm, balanced animal, strongly attached to the owner. At the slightest threat, he rushes to the defense. As for strangers, the dog treats them with suspicion, takes a decisive stance, demonstrating with all its appearance its readiness to act if necessary. The Dogo Canary gets along well with all family members, but you shouldn’t buy it as a gift for your child.

8. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The breed was bred in Germany and is now popular all over the world. It weighs from 22 to 40 kg, and the height at the withers reaches from 55 to 65 cm. In all respects, the German Shepherd is an excellent watchdog and companion. She is distinguished by an incredible intelligence and intelligence, she has a sharp nose. It is no coincidence that the dog is so often used for official and search purposes. In addition, the German Shepherd is a breed with physical strength and fearless character.

The dog needs an active lifestyle, you need to walk with him for a long time. He enjoys playing with the owner. The character of the German Shepherd is calm and balanced, but it is worth remembering that in a rage a dog can be very dangerous. Unlike other breeds, shepherd dogs are able to find a common language and obey several owners.

7. Chow-chow

Chow chow

The birthplace of the breed is China. The dog grows at the withers from 46 to 56 cm and weighs from 20 to 32 kg. Chow-chow looks like cute and harmless fluffy toys, you just want to touch and caress them. The character of the dog is calm, even slightly melancholic, but he is extremely suspicious and wary of strangers and strangers. The dog does not like it when strangers try to pet or caress it.

Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds, originally used for hunting and guarding. Today the breed is considered decorative, but one should not forget that one must be careful with the Chow Chow. Outwardly calm, the animal can turn into aggressive and dangerous to others.

6. Doberman


Like the German Shepherd, the Doberman was bred in Germany. The animal is large enough, height at the withers 63-72 cm, weighs 32-45 kg. The breed is used both for official purposes and as a guard. The dog has a graceful appearance, but at the same time it is strong and resilient.

The Doberman is smart, friendly, and gets along well with children. The dog is easy to train, active, he needs long walks. But the Doberman has an easily excitable character, therefore, in the event of aggression, extremely unpleasant consequences are possible.

5. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The breed was bred in Russia. The dog is very large, at the withers from 64 to 75 cm, weight reaches from 40 to 80 kg. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is one of the most famous dogs in Russia. This powerful dog has a decisive disposition and a fearless character. He learns commands easily enough, is smart. Distinguish between short-haired, long-haired and medium-haired shepherds.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog possesses outstanding watchdog abilities, it is calm and balanced. The dog gets along well with the rest of the family, including children. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is loyal and loyal to its owner. The dog is extremely suspicious of strangers. Due to its large size, it is not advisable to keep it in the apartment. The best option would be a private house with a personal plot.

4. German boxer

German boxer

The boxer was bred in Germany. It weighs from 25 to 30 kg. Growth at the withers reaches from 53 to 63 cm. The ancestors of German boxers are the English Bulldogs and the now extinct Bullenbeisers. The animal is quite strong and massive, has strong well-developed muscles. The boxer’s head is powerful, square in shape, the jaws are very strong.

Although the dog looks fierce and intimidating, its character is good-natured and playful. She is very energetic and mobile, she should not be locked up or on a leash. The boxer lends itself well to training, he can make a good guard. The dog will also get along with all the household.

3. Bull Terrier

Bull terrier

The breed was also bred in Germany. However, the history of Bull Terriers begins in England. They appeared as a result of crossing terriers and English bulldogs. The animal is relatively small in size. Height at the withers reaches from 40 to 55 cm, weighs from 20 to 35 kg. The Bull Terrier looks quite intimidating, it can hardly be confused with other breeds of dogs. But, despite this, the dog usually behaves calmly in relation to others and, with proper training, becomes a loyal friend.

He needs long walks and games. Anyone wishing to have a bull terrier should know that the animal has strong developed muscles, strong jaws and the famous “death grip”. In addition, the dog does not get along well with other animals. This also applies to other dogs.

2. Rottweiler


The breed is originally from Germany. The height at the withers reaches from 56 to 68 cm, the animal weighs from 42 to 50 kg. Like Shepherd Dogs, Rottweilers are one of the most beloved breeds. The animal is strong, well-built, with well-developed muscles and strong jaws. The Rottweiler is energetic, has a bold and assertive disposition. Basically, they are brought in for protection, they are excellent watchmen.

Dogs of this breed are smart, easily trainable, loyal to their owners. To raise a dog, the owner must become the “leader of the pack”, otherwise the Rottweiler will not obey him. The animal is wary of strangers, and if the owner is in danger, it immediately attacks. By protecting the owner, the Rottweiler can seriously injure the offender.

1. Pitbull


The birthplace of the breed is the United States. Height at the withers is from 45 to 56 cm, weighs from 14 to 36 kg. The Pit Bull is considered the most dangerous dog breed. He appeared after crossing a bulldog and a terrier. In some animals, the features of the external appearance of a bulldog predominate, for others, the features of a terrier are more characteristic.

Opinions about this dog are very contradictory. On the one hand, the pit bull was bred as a fighting dog, and he has all the characteristics necessary for this. On the other hand, this dog is a loyal friend and a wonderful protector. Pit bull from the outside may seem ferocious, however, he is by nature smart, kind, with a friendly disposition.

The animal is sturdy, strong, with good muscles. For him, the manifestation of aggression towards a person is not characteristic, he will get along well with all household members, including the smallest. Since the dog has a friendly personality, it is not used as a guard or watchman. The pitbull is loyal to the owner, in case of danger, he will rush to protect him. But, if improperly trained, a dog can grow up aggressive and extremely dangerous, therefore it is not recommended to be given to people who do not have experience in keeping and raising dogs.

Summing up, it is worth saying that a dog not only from the above breeds is capable of showing aggression, becoming dangerous and causing serious harm to humans. In many ways, the key to a calm and safe behavior of an animal is proper training and education, and this depends solely on the owner.

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