Top 10 largest horses in the world

Horses, incredibly beautiful and strong animals, have lived next to humans since ancient times. Man tamed them and began to use them to perform various functions. Horses of large breeds were used as a draft force in the economy, as well as a means of riding in the conduct of hostilities and knightly duels. A weak horse could not bear a medieval knight, equipped with an iron chain mail, helmet and heavy weapons. Only powerful healthy horses could cope with such a task.

It was from the time of the Middle Ages that the concept of knightly war horses – destrie – appeared. Many of the largest horses in the world have their origins in the distrie of knightly duels. Horses of modern breeds: Percherons, Shires, Brabancons – can be considered relatives of the trotters of the Middle Ages. Trotters were up to a ton in weight and about two meters in height. In many respects, their descendants are worthy of their distant relatives.

French Percherons are not only strong and powerful racehorses, but also graceful. It is believed that their average height is about 1.80 m. These are heavyweight horses. They are used for moving heavy loads and for equestrian dressage.

English shires are slow but have great stamina. They are capable of moving loads up to five times their own weight. Their height is approximately 1.70 m, weight – 1200 kg. But there are giants among the Shires, reaching and exceeding two-meter growth.

Belgian Brabancons, up to 1.70 m high, also have exceptional congeners – record holders. A larger type of rock was obtained as a result of the merger of two breeds (Flemish and Ardennes). The horse of the renewed breed came out extremely strong and hardy, not afraid of heavy loads.

The Russian heavy draft breed is not inferior to other large horses either in size or in endurance. At the end of the 19th – at the beginning of the 20th century, to obtain such a heavyweight, it was necessary to cross breeds: Ardennes, Percheron and Brabancon. The result is a fine horse, with high quality trotter stats. Weight can reach one ton, height – 1.70 m. The rating includes the largest representatives of these breeds.

10. Digger (height 1.96 m)


The Scottish giant stallion Digger weighs 1200 kg and is 1.96 m tall. He is ranked 7th in the ranking of the largest horses. He feels good if he eats 25 kg of hay and drinks about 100 liters of water per day. When Digger was 4 years old, his owner changed. Rapid growth, at this time he had already grown to 1.96 m, and a healthy appetite seriously frightened the former owner, and he decided to transfer the horse to another owner. The huge horse was accepted into the cavalry regiment of the English queen. But it was difficult for him to live in London, and now he has returned to the Scottish expanses.

9. Brooklyn Superior (height 1.98 m)

Brooklyn Super

The huge stallion Brooklyn Superior is the 10th largest stallion. He lived for twenty years, his weight reached 1450 kg, height – 1.98 m. The horseshoes for such a giant brabancon weighed 3.5 kg each, 5 times more than an ordinary medium-sized horseshoe.

Brooklyn lived in Belgium before World War II. He enjoyed great popularity among the population, he was demonstrated at exhibitions and fairs. The Brabancon breed is famous for its impressive size and high market value.

8. Cracker (height 1.98 m)


A stallion from England named “Cracker” is a popular TV star. He is a real gentleman – friendly, obedient, calm. Its height is 1.98 m. A miniature hostess can climb it only by standing on a stepladder. Its weight is 1200 kg. During the day, the animal absorbs 130 liters of water, eats carrots, hay with pleasure, loves sugar. The owners believe that this kind of nutrition helps him to keep fit.

7. Noddy (height 2.05 m)


The Australian heavy horse Nordrem Lascombe is ranked 8th largest horse. Noddy’s height is 2.05 m, weight – 1300 kg. He is of the Shire breed and in size resembles the grandfather of Edward, the English record holder. This breed now numbers about 2 thousand individuals in the world. It is quite expensive to maintain such a large horse. Therefore, the hostess attracts her pet to work on the farm.

6. Duke (height 2.07 m)


Gelding Duke from Great Britain is the 6th largest horse in the world. The giant has already reached a height of 2.07 m and continues to grow further. The horse weighs 1310 kg. The owner of the horse is sure that he grows like this thanks to her herbal infusions and extraordinary apples, which he loves very much. Duke’s herbal infusion was taken when he fell ill. The gelding was on the mend and began to grow faster. Perhaps in the future, Duke will become the new record holder for height.

An animal a day eats 10 kg of hay and grain crops, about a hundred liters of water and herbal infusion (20 liters). Duke is a calm and benevolent animal, treats other horses well. The only thing that worries him is rodents. He is afraid of them.

5. Dr. Le Ger (height 2.13 m)

Dr. Le Ger

The French Percheron foal, nicknamed “Doctor Le Ger”, was born in 1902. In adulthood, its weight was in no way inferior to the average car – 1400 kg. In height, the giant has grown to 2.13 m. Became the record holder among the Percherons, whose average height does not exceed 1.80 m. Horses of this breed are used as heavy trucks, as well as for horse riding. They have a very soft move. Le Ger is in the middle of the ranking of the largest and heaviest horses.

4. Morocco (height 2.15 m)

the first of Morocco

There is practically no information about the English Percheron of Morocco. It is known that once the horse was considered one of the largest. Only one photograph of her has come down to us. No other data has survived. But with a weight of 1300 kg and a height of 2.15 m, Morocco is the 4th largest horse in the world.

3. Big Jake (height 2.17 m)

Big Jake

Horse Big Jake, who lives in the US state of Michigan, was honored to get into the Guinness Book of Records. After all, this is the heaviest horse living in the modern world. In our ranking of the largest horses in the world, it ranks third. At the age of 11, Big Jake has grown to 2.17 m and weighs about 2400 kg, which is comparable to the weight of an all-terrain vehicle.

From a young age, the horse was wild and unbridled, it happened, and the owner got it. A corral of 36 sq.m. was built for him. The giant eventually calmed down and became a participant in various talk shows. It is touching that he has to perform in tandem with the tiny horse Einstein. They get along well with each other and gather thousands of spectators at their performances. Despite its enormous size, Big Jake is graceful and artistic.

2. Po (height 2.20 m)

Gelding "Po"

Gelding Poe, named for the American science fiction writer and mystic, is currently one of the largest horses in the world. Its height from ears to ground is 2.20 m, body weight is about 1500 kg. During the day, he eats two bales of hay, five kilograms of grain and drinks about eighty liters of water. The appetite is good, the horse is healthy and in excellent shape.

1. Great Sampson (height 2.20 m)

Great Sampson

The winner of our top of the largest horses in the world is the English stallion Great Sampson. The giant horse weighed about 1520 kg, was 2.20 m high. It belonged to the Shire breed and had another name – Mammoth. He lived in the 19th century. Sampson has been dead for a long time, but his record size makes him be recognized as the favorite in the rating of the most-most. At the age of 4 years, it was the most powerful and huge animal of the equine family.

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