TOP 10 happiest countries in the world

What affects your level of happiness? Absolute safety, high income, good level of medicine. People are happy when they can attend interesting events, travel freely, receive free or low-cost education. In this rating – the countries of the world, whose inhabitants can be safely called happy!

10. Australia

The economy of this country is recognized as one of the best in the world. Most of Australians (about 75%) graduated from higher education institution. Australia is about science programs and advances in mathematics, harmoniously distributed working hours, a warm climate, a friendly environment and extremely low stress levels. Living in a pleasant warm climate and in a friendly environment, people here

It is interesting to know that 90% of the mainland is a “green zone”, which is home to about 200 thousand species of animals. It will be worth mentioning that most of them are endemic – they are not found anywhere else.

By the way, life expectancy here is quite high! In general, Australians live 80-85 years.


This country is known for its transparent political system, high income levels and low unemployment rate. It is noteworthy that the working day in Sweden is not very long, which allows Swedes to spend more time with their family and friends. Competently allocated time, stability in politics, good income and an excellent life expectancy – that is why Sweden is considered one of the happiest countries in the world.

They also recycle 99% of garbage (for example, in Russia only 6%), they gladly pay taxes translated from Swedish as “treasures”, and all blood donors receive an SMS message when their help saved someone’s life!

8. New Zealand

It has the lowest crime rate, good life expectancy (above average) and unique educational systems. New Zealanders are surrounded by magical landscapes and clean air due to the large number of green spaces. Snow-capped mountains, volcanic relief, impressive beauty of the lake – it is simply impossible to be sad and unhappy here!

It is interesting that this particular country was the first in the world to give women the right to vote. There is also an official wizard who drives out spirits, the purest water, and in the hot season, New Zealanders get rid of their shoes altogether, moving barefoot!

7. Canada

This country is considered one of the happiest in all of North America. The standard of living here is the highest – salaries of 25-30 thousand dollars allow Canadians to maintain spacious houses and good cars. In Canada, as in many other European countries, there is a rather large level of taxes, however, as compensation, the government provides each resident with free medical care and leave for both mothers and fathers.

Interestingly, beavers are considered a national animal. There are also a lot of lakes here – even all the lakes in the world will not be enough to overtake Canada in their number.

6. Netherlands

The Dutch can benefit from one of the best healthcare systems. This is probably why the inhabitants of this country live to be 80-85 years old. A tolerant country with an excellent social safety net – this is how the Netherlands can be summed up in one sentence. The country’s largest pension fund and stable economy make the Dutch people happy. It is also very clean here, there are many forests and nature reserves, it often rains, although few people use umbrellas. By the way, the inhabitants of this country are considered the tallest in the world!

5. Switzerland

Banks, watches, chocolate – all the best here. The economy of this country is almost the leading in the world. Low taxes and high wages, a neutral side in war and the safest environment – this is Switzerland. People live a long time – about 85 years (all thanks to a high-quality healthcare system). It is hard to meet unemployed people here, but vacationers in the mountains or on mirror lakes are very easy!

4. Iceland

It is almost always windy here, it often rains, and the thermometer rarely shows temperatures above 18 degrees Celsius. However, all this does not prevent seasoned Icelanders from strolling in shorts, swimming in hot springs and traveling along the mountain serpentine. In the “land of ice” they do not give unsolicited advice, do not get hung up on their appearance and do not understand how to eat fish caviar. Here, even fishermen and cleaners have high wages, there are heated roads and parks with live, almost tame rabbits. And also just amazing white nights!

3. Norway

This country is happy, safe, interesting and educated. The unemployment rate is low here, the Norwegians have a total of about 35 holidays a year, they are always trying to support the government. Lots of cultural and recreational sites, untouched nature reserves, breathtaking mountain views – this is the whole of Norway. There is almost no corruption here, and crime itself is at a very low level. There is also an incredible aurora borealis that makes Norwegians very happy.

2. Denmark

Denmark is one of the best countries in various fields: here the safety of the population, trust in the government, health care, the well-being of people, and excellent education are at the highest level. Danes are tolerant; they boast a high level of trust in society and a wide variety of social programs. The capital (Copenhagen) is very clean. Mike Viking has published the book “Hugge’s Little Book”, which contains the secrets of Danish happiness. One of them is the use of natural candles for several hours a day – and saving light, and more comfort in the house.

1. Finland

The first place is taken by charming Finland. The inhabitants of this country have everything: a high level of education, cheap but qualified medical care, a developed social protection system, and better working conditions. Finns study much less than pupils and students in many other (less developed) countries, but the quality of education does not suffer. It is noteworthy that about 85% of Finns have a university degree qualification. It is also interesting that the life of the rich and the poor is the same here – all thanks to the progressive taxation system.

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