Top 10 best boxers in the world ever

Fist fights have been popular since the days of the Egyptian pharaohs. In its modern form, boxing originated in the 18th century, strict rules appeared, the parameters of the site were standardized, and refereeing was legalized. Since then it has become a real art for strong men. The most spectacular fights were in the heavy weight category. According to the “Ring” magazine, the world’s best punchers and featherweight boxers have been identified. The ranking includes the best boxers in the world and simply talented athletes who have made a significant contribution to the development of world sports.

10. Willie Pep

Willie Pep

William Guglielmo Papaleo is known to sports fans under the pseudonym Willie Pep. He is recognized as the fastest boxer of the last century. The Connecticut native gained worldwide fame in the 40s. His career began in the 40th year. Over a long sports career, Willie had 242 fights and became the undisputed winner in 230 of them.

Many tried to copy Pep’s peculiar style of attack. But only he could move so freely around the ring. The featherweight winner has knocked out his rivals 65 times. Pep has confirmed the title of the best in his category 35 times. This record has not yet been broken. In 1990, Willie Pep’s name was forever inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame. The athlete died at a respectable age, in 2001.

9. Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong

Henry Jackson Jr., a Los Angeles native, performed in the ring under the pseudonym Henry Armstrong. At first, his career was unsuccessful – there were offensive defeats, until Henry, together with his coach, developed his own fighting technique.

Armstrong is the only boxer to win the title in three weight divisions in 1938. This record could not be broken by anyone. He was titled as welterweight for 19 consecutive years. In lightweight and featherweight from 1931 to 1945. His fighting technique was recognized as the best by experts in many countries. The crown hook has gone down in boxing history. On account of Henry Armstrong 27 knockouts, more than 180 fights and 161 unconditional victories. According to the magazine “Ring” in 1980 he was recognized as the best boxer of his time.

8. Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano

Rocco Francis Marquegiano is one of the most popular movie characters. He was born in Massachusetts. The son of Italian immigrants has made a resounding career. On the basis of his married story of Francis, a film was shot, named after him. In the Rocky franchise, the creators were able to convey the iron character and enormous willpower of the famous athlete who performed under the pseudonym Rocky.

The five-time world champion was the best among heavyweight boxers. He brilliantly played 49 decisive battles, not conceding the winner’s laurel to others. Young Marciano perfected his technique with strikes on the water. He could train for hours without being tired. He is an internationally recognized master of knockouts, 83% of fights ended in the fall of opponents. This result could not be surpassed by anyone. From 1948 to 1956, Rocky was second to none. After retiring from the sport, the boxer went into business. He was successful in it too. And other champions have already climbed to the top of Olympus.

7. Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez

Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez Gonzalez dreamed of getting out of an abandoned carriage in which a large family huddled. Father works as a railroad, mother raised six children. Julio did not have the best childhood. At the age of 16, he already performed in the ring in the amateur category, a year later he became a professional. The lightweight champion has more than 100 wins. He knew how to deliver lightning strikes unexpectedly for the enemy. 80 fights ended for his opponents by knockout. The audience liked its rigidity and jumping ability.

He took part in demonstration battles more than once, helped his younger sisters and brothers, paid for their education. Julio Chavez is deservedly called the best lightweight boxer of the 80-90s. In 2011, his portrait was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame. Now Chavez helps Julio Jr. to achieve sports results, works as an analyst on sports channels.

6. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

“Iron” Mike does not need advertising. Tyson appeared in the yellow press, for two decades he did not leave the screens as the most titled boxer in the world. For the first time he won his title in 1982, was the youngest champion in his weight. In 90 he became the owner of three belts at once. Out of fifty fights, only 6 lost to victory, the rest ended by knockout. The four battles lasted less than a minute.

5. Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey received his first title in 1926, retired from the professional ring in 1932. He began to participate only in demonstration fights, for a long time he was a referee. Jack is considered the “dirtiest” boxer in the world, a lover of cunning tricks and a rule breaker. Nevertheless, for many years he remained the titled world champion in his weight category. He is inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. He went down in history with a million-dollar fee for one fight. The talented heavyweight boxer is voted the best boxer of the 20s.

4. Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

Heavyweight Jack Arthur Johnson was the best boxer in the world until 1945. Jack dropped out of school in fifth grade and took a job. He helped the movers on the dock, cleaned the stables. For fun, like other children of former slaves, he participated in fist street skirmishes. The tipsy fans threw coins into the dust. Only the winner could take them. These were the first training sessions for an athlete.

The black boxer was dynamic. Despite his considerable weight, he quickly moved around the ring, bypassing the enemy from different sides. He won 73 victories, which is an impressive figure for professionals of his level. Only 13 times he conceded victory to others, 40 times he sent his opponent into knockouts. Johnson behaved technically in any fight, thanks to him he turned boxing from a scuffle according to the rules into an art. He loved not only boxing, but also white women. He was married 4 times, he died in a car accident. He was famous for his radiant smile and flawless figure.

3. Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson

Walker Smith Jr. is known worldwide as Sugar Ray Robinson. The family was poor, the father continuously worked in the fields of North Carolina until the mother could not stand it and took the children to New York. Walker started working part-time in a bar at the age of 12, he danced great, was noticeable. I got into bad company. He was helped by a boxing coach, the guy under his command began to make the first successes.

Later, Sugar Ray has distinguished himself more than once in the ring in the light and light heavy weight categories. Olympic champion in 1976, a native of North Carolina played in 4 groups, more than once became the world champion in the 80s and 90s. He had no equal in the number of blows he inflicted, Sugar Ray exhausted opponents if he could not immediately lay them down. He knocked out rivals 109 times. They often left the ring already in the first round. On account of Robinson 173 wins and only 19 defeats. He is rightfully recognized as the best boxer of his championship period. He starred in commercials, flashed on movie screens.

2. Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed Ali is one of the best boxers in the world. It was under this name that Cassius Clay entered the history of boxing and sports in general. He is a famous heavyweight boxer. Among the champion titles is the title of the winner of the 1960 Olympics, 6 times in his career he was awarded the title of the Absolute World Champion. A six-time Boxer of the Year title, he was voted the Boxer of the Decade in 1960 under his birth name. Cassius converted to the Muslim faith in 1964, at the height of his career. Since then, he has remained the best in his weight category.

The most memorable fight was with Joe Fraser. Ali was very agile in the ring. His technique and speed are set as an example for beginners. He left the ring defeated only five times in the entire history of performances. His portrait takes pride of place in the World Boxing Hall of Fame. Mohammed Ali always behaved in a sporty manner, was not involved in scandals, was engaged in charity work. He is the prototype of one of the characters in the Rocky franchise, a black friend of the protagonist.

1. Joe Louis

Joe Louis

The most titled heavyweight champion of the world Joe Louis closes the list of the best boxers in the world. He confirmed his title for almost 12 years, during which time he spent 25 fights with a resounding victory. Out of 66 meetings, 52 ended by knockout. This record has not yet been broken.

Grew up “Black Bomber”, which went down in the history of world boxing, in a poor large family, the peak of his boxing career came during the First World War. He gained worldwide fame in 1936 by defeating Schmelling, the German professional boxer, world champion in his weight class, Hitler’s favorite. The persecution of the black winner began. They tried to physically eliminate him. Fortunately, the attempts were unsuccessful.

By 1941, Joe Louis had many victories on his account, and he was named Boxer of the Year for the fourth time. According to the magazine “Ring” in 2001, the black athlete was recognized as the best puncher in the history of boxing. The athlete became the prototype of the heroes of two films: “The Story of Joe Louis”, “Joe and Max”, he himself starred in many films of that time.

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