The most dangerous drugs in the world

Drugs are one of the major problems in modern society. People voluntarily harm their bodies. They deliberately lose their health, and sometimes their lives. We present to your attention the most dangerous drugs in the world – the Top 10 list.

10. Ketamine


Opens the ranking of the most dangerous drugs ketamine . This drug appeared in the 60s of the last century. Then it was used for general anesthesia. After waking up, the patients told the terrible things that happened to them during the “ketamine sleep”. Ketamine is able to separate consciousness from its body; at a high dosage, a person loses temporal and spatial orientation. Overdose is fatal, there is no antidote. The addiction to this drug occurs very quickly, side effects appear (problems with memory, bladder, etc.).

9. Amphetamine


The top 10 most dangerous drugs include amphetamine . It is one of the strongest psychostimulants ever created by man. Initially, this drug was created with good intentions: it was used to treat many diseases. However, this synthetic stimulant tends to cause drug addiction. In some people, it appears after 1-2 doses of the drug. Overdose leads to heart attack, stroke, changes in brain function, psychosis with characteristic signs of schizophrenia. In almost all countries, amphetamine is banned.

8. Benzodiazepines


On the 8th place among the most dangerous drugs are benzodiazepines – drugs used to eliminate anxiety disorders, treat insomnia. The most famous of them, diazepam, is widely used in medical practice. However, because of their availability, benzodiazepines are the most commonly used drug. To achieve euphoria, a person takes a dose several times higher than the therapeutic dose, which causes hallucinations, disturbances of consciousness, and psychosis. With prolonged use of the drug, a personality defect is formed, intelligence decreases.

7. Methadone


The synthetic opiate methadone is one of the most dangerous drugs in the world. It was once used for pain relief. With its help, they tried to cure heroin addiction, avoiding withdrawal symptoms. However, at present there is not a single confirmed fact that such treatment is effective and justified. Gradually, methadone went beyond the walls of hospitals and began to be used uncontrollably. He has a long-term effect (not less than a day), while withdrawal takes up to 15 days. In the absence of euphoria, the person increases the dose more and more. Overdose, in most cases, is fatal.

6. Barbiturates


The next drug on the list of the most dangerous drugs is barbiturates , which were used in the fight against insomnia and were once in the medicine cabinet of almost all American housewives. Now, due to the potential risk, drugs have disappeared from free access. In some countries, they are completely prohibited. Most of the people who became addicted to barbiturates started taking them for therapeutic purposes. Gradually, experiencing relief from the condition, they began to increase the dosage. Thus, people were saved from problems by sleep. They forgot that it was only one step from barbiturate as a drug to barbiturate as a drug. Therefore, restful sleep for some turned into eternal.

5. Tobacco


One of the most dangerous plant-based drugs is tobacco . It contains more than four thousand substances that have a harmful effect on the body. Hydrocyanic acid, acetone, lead, nickel are just a few of them. In terms of physical and psychological dependence, tobacco occupies one of the leading positions. It is much more addictive than alcohol and marijuana. Some smokers, however, claim that cigarettes are not a drug. However, only a few are able to cope with this dependence on their own. Tobacco products are legal drugs in most countries. Therefore, the death of a fifth of the population, which is provoked by the consequences of smoking, remains legal today.

4. Alcohol


The most widely used drug in the world is alcohol… It is easy to purchase, it is stored in almost every home, its use is considered the norm. But as they say, everyone has their own norm. And when, this very norm is not enough to experience the sweet feeling of satisfaction from what you have drunk, the dose and frequency of receptions have to be increased. Alcohol addiction leads to personality degradation, the extinction of the nation. In our time, alcoholism has become a scourge, more and more people are exposed to it. The sale of alcohol brings a lot of money, so its legalization is understandable. Experts, at times, try to convince people that drinking alcohol in small doses is even beneficial. Parents set an example for children, so children start drinking early. A vicious circle that people manage to break only when their liver can not stand it.

3. Methamphetamine


The third most dangerous drug in the world is methamphetaminemade on the basis of amphetamine. In military practice, it was used as a doping; it was given to Japanese kamikaze pilots before the flight. In the fifties of the last century, due to the availability of the drug, students and athletes used it as a stimulant. In Russia, methamphetamine appeared in the 80s of the twentieth century. Because of its crystalline form, it is called “ice”. Methamphetamine is highly addictive, long-term use of this drug can destroy the brain, but the most famous side effect is skin changes. If the rules of personal hygiene are not followed (which is typical of drug addicts), the condition is aggravated. The skin of methamphetamine addicts becomes ulcerated. Psychosis, accompanied by persecution mania and hallucinations are frequent guests when using this drug.

2. Heroin


Heroin is one of the most dangerous drugs used by millions of drug addicts around the world. It is impossible to stop this, the strongest withdrawal does not allow to exist normally. But it seemed that the buzz would last forever. The first reception gives a feeling of euphoria, however, after it comes apathy and indifference to life. Breakage, accompanied by severe physical, psychological symptoms, makes you take another dose. As a result, in order to feel more or less bearable, the addict has to take more and more doses. Ultimately, heroin became as necessary as air. It’s like a kiss with death, which smiled playfully after the first injection.

1. Cocaine


1st place in the top ten most dangerous drugs in the world is taken by cocaine – a white powder, which is most often sniffed, and then it enters the bloodstream through the tissue. Cocaine causes a strong high, followed by a rather quickly depressive state. It can be so strong that a person can not stand it and is drawn to a new dose. Addiction increases, it becomes necessary to increase the dose. People who are addicted to cocaine experience muscle convulsions, the vessels of the brain and heart are damaged, the liver and lungs are destroyed, and hallucinations appear. Due to the increased craving for the drug, there is a high risk of overdose.

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