10 best films of the past decade

Today we plucked up the courage and selected the top 10 best films released in the last 10 years. The criteria are quite simple: the film must be highly appreciated by both viewers and film critics, its release was accompanied by heated discussion and controversy, and, of course, we must personally like it.

Untouchables, 2011

Two losers met: one is confined to a wheelchair, but rich, the other is healthy as a bull, but poor and uneducated. And suddenly it turns out that together they turn from two losers into a very successful team. An incredibly kind and clever comedy that charges you with optimism.

In 2011, this picture became not only the leader of the rental at home, in France, but also thundered around the world. As a result, over the next seven years, three remakes were shot on it in different countries – in India, Argentina and the United States.

Inception, 2010

The talented thief Dominic Cobb carries secrets from other people’s dreams that can be easily converted into good money. However, the most important operation in his career is not theft, but the introduction of a useful thought into the victim’s subconscious.

Director Christopher Nolan conceived this film in the early years of the 2000s, but he needed first to become famous with the powerful comic strip “The Dark Knight “. Only then did it become clear that it was possible to take on a more complex project, and Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures believed Inception could pay off at the box office.

Interstellar, 2014

The earth is slowly dying in endless natural disasters, it is increasingly difficult for people to feel at home on it, and all forces are thrown into survival. With the solemn organ music of Hans Zimmer, several people are sent into distant space in order to find a new planet suitable for life.

An insanely beautiful film that combines love for loved ones, a sense of duty, space and the physics of black holes, is considered one of the most scientifically accurate science fiction films in the history of cinema. And this despite the fact that the film has a fascinating story, and some action, and cool actors, and epic music. Japanese futurist Michio Kaku called Interstellar “the gold standard for science fiction films.”

Django Unchained, 2012

The bounty hunter frees Django’s black slave in exchange for a small favor. Then, singing out of their hatred of slavery, they continue to work together to hunt down the bad guys of the Wild West. However, Django, separated from his wife by the sale, has another important thing to do.

This is one of the best films by Quentin Tarantino. ” Django Unchained ” not only did a good job at the box office, but also received a bunch of nominations for various awards. The Golden Globe and Academy Awards unanimously awarded the film the Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor awards.

Gone Girl, 2014

The thriller about a man in trouble has given many viewers the warmth of realizing that cunning bitches are the source of all troubles. It all starts with the fact that on the fifth wedding anniversary, the wife of the protagonist suddenly disappears. There are traces of fighting and charades in the apartment, which Amy traditionally used to entertain him every anniversary. The police are involved in the case, but each new fact of the investigation reveals the husband and the fact that not everything went smoothly in the family.

” Gone Girl ” by David Fincher is simply the ultimate psychological thriller with a twisted plot and skeletons loudly rattling bones in a closet. Of course, the film was nominated for various important awards, but it wasn’t boring enough to get anything serious.

The Dark Knight Rises, 2012

The final film of the Nolan Batman trilogy. It’s been eight years since the bat-signal has been broken, there is no hero, and only the Gotham police are fighting crime. In the absence of the Dark Knight, the mysterious Catwoman appears in the city, and the dangerous criminal Bane escapes from the prison. James Gordon is unable to handle everything, and Bruce Wayne has to put on his suit again.

With his trilogy, Christopher Nolan brought noir gloom and realism to the endless Batmaniana, where the superhero no longer looks cut off from life, and the action is lightweight and purely entertaining. The director is the first to reach social generalizations where no one has ever tried to look for them before.

Joker, 2019

The story of the hapless comedian Arthur Fleck and how he went crazy. A middle-aged man already lives in a dysfunctional area of ​​Gotham in the same apartment with his sick mother, he sits on medication and suffers from bouts of painful uncontrollable laughter. His life is dull, the city around is dirty and harsh and, it seems, there is no place for Arthur in this world – everyone pisses, mocks, humiliates. And he is to people with all his heart. One drop is enough for an explosion.

The powerful psychological drama of Todd Phillips in 2019 impressed not only with its content, but also with phenomenal box-office success. The film contradicts all the laws of entertainment, and was filmed for rather modest money, and grossed more than a billion dollars at the worldwide box office.

The Avengers, 2012

The epic Marvel movie series about a team of superheroes opposing universal evil has been playing on cinemas for seven years – from the release of the movie “The Avengers ” in 2012 to the final movie ” The Avengers: Endgame “. During this time, the main saga has acquired many side branches – solo films about various superheroes. And this entire cinematic universe will continue to grow and be filled with details, like a real parallel world, opening up to us more and more.

Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015

A post-apocalyptic future, desolate and insane. Max Rokatansky doesn’t care about everything in this world, because he is haunted by the ghosts of the past and feelings of guilt. He just survives as best he can, but at some point he becomes involved in a woman’s rebellion. Furiosa’s warrior and the wives of a vile dictator fled from the Citadel to a free life. Without Max’s help, they cannot cope, and, lo and behold, not without some coercion, the hero again takes up the task of protecting the weak.

This is a real work of visual art that you will watch with your mouth open, even if you do not have the slightest inclination for action movies in general and fantastic action movies in particular.

Deadpool, 2016

After the inhuman experiments that underground scientists have done with him, Wade Wilson acquires remarkable abilities for regeneration, but at the same time becomes rather ugly in appearance. Deciding that his beloved woman does not need such an ugly one, Wade takes the name Deadpool and chases after the main villain to return his beautiful face.

The very case when the plot, by and large, does not matter: the main thing is the jokes, jokes and appeals of the protagonist to the audience. “The fourth wall” was broken, of course, before and will be broken after, but no one has ever done it as selflessly as Ryan Reynolds, who dreamed of playing Deadpool all his life.

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